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As a manager, much of my time is spent focusing on the staff in one way or another. This is as it should be, since your team is your number one asset in terms of your ability to practice veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine is a service-driven business. While veterinarians do dispense medications and sell products, their primary “business” is service-driven: professional examinations, professional services, radiography, surgery, etc.

Service industries require the human element, in order to function. This requires hiring, training and retaining solid teams that share in your philosophies. The culture of your practice should be a direct reflection of your philosophy of veterinary care, as well as client service.

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Wet CatFriday the 13th always triggers a memory for me. It doesn’t matter the month it falls in, Friday the 13th will always be remembered as my first day in my very first veterinary practice.

When I applied for the open receptionist position, all those years ago, I was so excited. Ready to get back to work, after staying home to care for my young daughter for three years, I drove by the help wanted sign and turned around immediately. I entered the practice, in awe of the reception area that looked so modern and friendly.

After submitting my application, I waited patiently to be called for an interview. When that day came, I arrived early for my appointment and was impressed to be taken to the conference room, where the Practice Manager and a Receptionist interviewed me together. They were professional, and conducted a thorough interview. I left feeling confident and anxious to hear whether the position would be mine.

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catlaptopWouldn’t it be nice if you had something like Facebook specifically for your interest area? What if that social media platform was specific to veterinary practice management?

Today, a new online network was launched that is a social media network for Veterinarians and Practice Managers alike. Its open to anyone who has an interest in veterinary management….and, it’s Free!

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iStock_000005477090XSmallUsing Facebook in a veterinary practice is a fairly new concept, so there is very little data available with regard to demographics or statistics. I’ve received a lot of requests about social media data for veterinary practices, but to my knowledge it’s not available yet.

In an effort to educate and share, let’s look at what I have seen in the past six months. I run a very active Facebook page for Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center. There are currently 452 Fans of this practice’s page. Of those Fans, we’d like to take a look at some interesting facts which may help you when using Facebook in your practice. Read the rest of this entry »

Social MediaThe world is buzzing with “social media marketing” as the next big thing for direct marketing and advertising. But, what is social media marketing and how does it relate to your veterinary practice?

Social media is a way to interact with your existing and potential clients. There are all kinds of social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogging to name a few. Most social media is FREE and easy to use, with little to no experience or instruction. Read the rest of this entry »

ClockInHandA big topic of discussion at the recent VHMA Annual Conference in Portland, OR was that of time. So many great ideas were shared, but Owners and Managers alike expressed that they were already stretched too thin to implement “one more thing”.

In today’s marketplace, you can’t afford NOT to make time for new ideas. Without allowing yourself the opportunity for growth and change, you risk losing your competitive edge, not only as a veterinary practice but also as an employer. Read the rest of this entry »

Listen UpLeadership is a trait that can be displayed by anyone in a veterinary practice, no matter your position or title. If you’ve been working on honing your skills as a leader, here are five more points to consider:

  1. Are you a “big picture” visionary leader? In order to truly lead others, you need to always think first and foremost about the how your decisions are impacting the practice overall. Many times, we are tempted to make choices based on the needs of individuals, without regard for the long term impact your choice may be making on the business. Read the rest of this entry »

What does it take to be a good leader in a veterinary practice? Are you a leader or a manager? Are you a leader or an owner? Maybe you’re a young Associate who wants to become a leader. In order to lead, one must take risks, think in terms of the big picture and do more than be a supervisor to others. Let’s look at five key areas where respected, successful leaders perform well.

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I enjoy speaking to groups about my passion, which is veterinary practice management. Whenever I speak in the classroom setting, or to groups of my peers, I am often asked, “What’s your typical day like?” In my world, there really isn’t a day that I can say is typical, as my work revolves around a monthly cycle: accounts receivable; accounts payable; monthly reporting and benchmarking; marketing on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis; weekly staff meetings, etc.

Page of the calendar

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